Click heels 3 times for networking…

So …. NetworkManager in Fedora 9. Its been fascinating to watch the progression of this through subsequent releases. It was unusable in Fedora 7, intermittent in Fedora 8 so I was keen to see what had changed. Static IP addressing but most importantly, support for 3G/HSDPA modems such as the huwaei e220, of which I have one through work.

This works, out of the box. So well, in fact, that I use it in preference to my house WLAN when ath5k eventually grinds to a halt. As in:

Fedora experience: Plug in modem, wait 5 seconds, use internet.
Windows experience: Plug in modem. Wait for drive to mount. Wait for hardware detection to complete. Get confused when Windows says it is installed a CD-ROM drive. Run through software installation (must be Administrator to do this). Load up software. Watch as software declares SIM to be invalid. Restart software. Use internet.

That’s not the end of the tale though dear readers. I have an itouch dual mobile phone. On Fedora 8 when connected via USB the system speaker emits a squawk, prints a kernel bug to systems logs and charges. On Fedora 9 it identifies it as a networking device and makes it available for connection.

You mean I don’t have to type:

sudo iwconfig wlan0 essid “My Home Lan” anymore?


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