The day of awesome…

So having neglected The Girl due to overworking, I subjected her to My Day Of Awesome.

12pm Lunch @ Trof (caution, flash-heavy page) – if you’re ever visiting Manchester and don’t come here, more fool you.
2pm Buy Tent for Glastonbury
3pm Bodyworlds @ MOSI – real chopped-up dead people. A bit gruesome – the plastinated foetuses were especially moving, particularly given the current debate over the abortion age limit. Fellow WYLUG’er Tommy Hall has some great pictures…
7pm Dinner @ Wagamama. Awesome asian food and great atmosphere
9pm Mad dash over Snake Pass to see The Futureheads play the Sheffield Leadmill

It was awesome.

In other news, I’m now on Planet Fedora. 🙂


4 thoughts on “The day of awesome…

  1. Sounds like a bloomin good day. I am a Gunther Van Haggens (probably spelt wrong) fan. But Why doesnt the ‘Abortion Age Limit’ have a link to a relevant site while ‘Tent’ has a link? I am querying your ethical stance in society.

  2. Hey SG, Have fun at Glasto, hope the sun shines for you! I’m off to see Thom and the boys on Tuesday, can’t blimmin wait! If you fancy a trip to the Shires soon then don’t forget is taking place in Hitchin on 12/13th July. 🙂

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