Vanilla and Blueberry…

Now I’m no kernel buff but I get the idea of reducing the patch count and trying to follow upstream a little more closely. So it was with some interest I saw the following post from Mr. J. Boyer on fedora-kernel a couple of days ago
Let the kernel installs begin.
Hopefully I didn’t fsck something up horridly. If I did, then I’ll fix
it for -rc2.

That’s right folks. Courtesy of Josh and the Fedora kernel team, you can now run the Linux kernel “sans patches”. This has benefits a-plenty but basically means that when kernel developers ask you to “run linus’s tree” or “test with mainline” – you can soon do just that with:

# yum install kernel-vanilla

Well, you’ll soon be able to hopefully. It’s not in the repo’s quite yet.
For the moment you’ll have to grab it from Josh’s fedorapeople space.

It also means you’re following upstream more closely and we all know why that is a good thing.


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