New years and new leaves

The blog returns to life for the new year. 2008 was much like the Alton Towers Corkscrew which I had the pleasure to ride on its last day of operation. The new job has had some incredible highs and lows. I’ve made one resolution for the year and that is to take all of my holiday. Other than that its open season on what I’ve got planned.

The Girl and I have moved to Manchester, she is running the Great Run again (just the local one at the moment) and we head off for Budapest in a few weeks time for a well-earned break.

The internet was recently installed in the new pad. I was signed up with Virgin media at the old pad and needed to get migrated to their “Offnet service” as there is now cable to the current residence. This took around a month. Most of the process has been the usual farce of dealing with large corporates. I’m no longer a Virgin media customer but an NTL:Business one on a Telewest network with a blueyonder login name managed by a support centre in Peterborough. The icing on the cake was the letter from the Telewest welcoming me to the service. It purported to give me four pieces of information I would need to connect:

Username: – OK so far
Password: barfoo – OK too
IP address (I had requested a static – fixed – address): This was blank … hmmm

The next bit was the best. I’m quoting verbatim here:

Sub net mass: 255.255.255

This from one of the largest telcos in the land. For the non-tech amongst us, there is no such thing as a sub net mass. They meant to say Subnet Mask. However even if they did, the number was still wrong, missing an all important .0 on the end.

Basically it is fail in a letter.


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