Silverlight jumps to Moonlight

Interesting stuff.

Running Firefox on Linux? Head over to the Microsoft Silverlight install page. For the hell of it I did and clicked install. Whaddya know, it bounces to here where you can install a Firefox extension which in turns pushes out to you the latest version of moonlight. Re-visit the page and you get a codec installer (and a EULA of course) which installs $STUFF onto your boxen before asking you to F5 and lo and behold you get a swirling green circling telling you you’ve got Silverlight 1.0* installed.

For those that aren’t already aware, Moonlight est verboten in Fedora


4 thoughts on “Silverlight jumps to Moonlight

  1. The next year or so is going to be very very the ramifications of the Bilski decision start to appear in other court cases. If in time we come to understand Bilski as the tipping point of software patent reform, we may end up looking back on Novell’s sponsorship of this sort of compatibility work in a far more positive light if we get to the point in patent reform were software patents are no longer a barrier to open innovation.


  2. It would be nice to get the Moonlight stuff sorted once and for all. I wouldn’t care that much for it except that there appear to be more tools to create decent content – including Eclipse extensions – for that than anything else.

  3. @jef Hadn’t heard of the Bilski decision. Perhaps I should have but I can’t get excited about software patents.

    @j.m. Careful with those broad brush strokes – I’m a fedora person but I don’t “hate” Miguel.

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