For shame Novell, for shame…

One of the few packages I maintain in Fedora is log4net. I packaged it as part of a greater effort to get iFolder in the Fedora repositories. Things stalled when I tried to get some code merged upstream and generally get some response from the developers to problems I was encountering. Pretty soon it became apparent that the iFolder project was a ghost ship and I abandoned plans to get it merged – greater things have since surpassed it. Read on though, dear blog-reader-person-type-thing.

In a previous unemployed life I tried to help in the bug triage project. It was good fun and quite rewarding. There were some pretty long winded bugs but never ones that matched this baby which I am still cc’d into to this day. Of particular hilarity is comment 14 which, upon reading, reminds me of a drunk party-goer stumbling in on a room of sober people, giving a confused, angry expression and then stumbling out again. A week or so later I had a reply, off-list, from Jason, angry and upset and still, apparently, very confused.

I challenged Novell to respond to the bug by its anniversary. They have less than a month to go. They still claim iFolder is an open-source product despite releasing binaries with newer version numbers in OES 2. Shocker isn’t it. Novell have closed the source on a once-promising product, developing it in-house with closed vcs. The weird thing is the number of people cc’d into the bug. Even GKH is.


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