Buggy Windows drivers and WPA hell

Its Saturday night, 11:30pm and I’m working. For that I have to thank whoever wrote this buggy code. I’ve had to slipstream 2003 Service Pack 1 into the RTM CD. This fails because the SBS setup wizard doesn’t run. It thinks ICS is enabled. So I try slipstreaming SP2. This fails because something in WGA gets corrupted and Windows boots me out completely. I’m not even allowed to log on because it needs me to activate. Which it can’t because Internet Explorer’s “Enhanced Security Configuration” prevents activation. Its just not good enough.

Q: How would this have been handled in the Linux world?

A: Re-spin to fix any installer bugs that might be lurking – and you’re done. Best of all, no sodding Linux Product Activation. Do I agree to the GPL? Yes. Thats it.


2 thoughts on “Buggy Windows drivers and WPA hell

  1. Just a minor nitpicking, the GPL is a license not a contract, so your agreement
    isn’t required for it to function. You either comply with its terms or copyright law defaults kick in (e.g: copying is illegal etc).

    I’m sure you already knew that, my response tries to prevent confusion of
    newbie readers.

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