Fun with Fedora Live persistent USB keys

The next installment in the “Fun with…” series sees me doing an entire days work on a client’s computer booted into Fedora 10 from a USB key – with persistence. If you haven’t made one of these yet and can scrape the shekels together to get a key of decent size, I strongly recommend you do so.

You see, $DAYJOB had me shelling into a client’s PBX (Trixbox) and doing some mad hackery with Linksys SPA942 config scripts so when calls rang a specific number, specified phones would ring with a modified ring tone. All good fun. However rather than doing the day’s work through Putty, I thought it would be better to have a full interface on the go. Much like some other recent features of Fedora, it worked like a dream.

In other news The Girl is ill (Boo…) but I passed my CBT (Yay!).


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