Fun with plymouth

I’ve so far done a number of F10 installs but only one used the fancy plymouth splash screen by default. It appears that the wizards who created this wonderment only set it to run by default on a specific subset of graphics hardware for which support was well and truly tested. I have no Nvidia hardware (naturally) so wanted to enable support on my trusty Thinkpad T42 (Radeon mobility) and my EeePC 901 (Intel 915). So after a quick google, I added the following to the kernel lines in grub.conf:

vga=791 (for my T42 as it has a 1024×768 display)
vga=788 (for the 1024×600 on my Eee)

and hey presto, solar flares and everything. I then tried changing the type of boot up graphic:

# plymouth-set-default-plugin pulser
# /usr/libexec/plymouth/plymouth-update-initrd

and a reboot gives me some kind of horizontal pong.

Now I’m not really sure if this is safe or whether it will eat my boxen but more info here. Enjoy.


One thought on “Fun with plymouth

  1. nVidia doesn’t have modesetting support at all; radeons should have it by default.

    Using vga= ends up using vesafb which isn’t the native modesetting and can have some pretty bad interactions with the X server in various situations and hence isn’t recommended. Hopefully for F11, we should have working modesetting for Intel graphics added as well and the Nouveau guys are working on support for nVidia hardware so that hopefully it can work in the not-to-far future as well

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