Weather cancels holiday … holiday is reborn

So due to lots of the white cold powdery stuff our flight was cancelled. The Girl and I waited for two hours at Liverpool John Lennon airport (Motto – Above Us Only Sky) which is a bad thing to have to do anyway. After boarding the plane we waited for two hours to take off, had the wings de-iced (twice) and then de-planed to spend two hours chasing our luggage and a refund around the arrivals lounge. We are still chasing the latter.

Strangely, our travel insurance doesn’t cover cancelled flights. Also very odd that they don’t seem keen on advertising this fact. The Budapest hotel have refunded all but the first night’s accommodation.

We both agreed that to spend the week @ home would be A Bad Thing To Do so the next day we made some calls and booked a cottage for a few nights near Whitby. Have just arrived back from this, much rested. It would appear that everyone except me has visited so I kept receiving advice on places to visit. Holidays are good!


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