More doing things…

So having resolved to do more stuff (and less time burning my eyeballs on the flames of fedora-devel) I’ve started poking at ifolder stuff again with a hand-wavy view to F12 inclusion.

Logically I started where I left off with its dependencies. FLAIM has had some changes since I last poked it, most notably it now uses Autotools but requires 2.2 which doesn’t ship with F10. Despite the awesomeness that are koji scratch builds, I prefer to get it building locally on x86 first (Hey, we don’t care about PPC any more right?) and take it from there. I’ll look at simias next.

iFolder should soon be buildable on the latest mono so perhaps its going to happen after all?


3 thoughts on “More doing things…

  1. iFolder was something I looked at, but the Mono 1.2 thing scared me off a little. Good to hear it’s changing.

    If you need another dev. to test your packages, review them, etc. give me a shout! 🙂

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