“Internet Explorer 8 is the latest version of the familiar web browser you are most comfortable using…”

Well, its not and that is a fair bit of assumption on your part, dear Microsoft. Doesn’t mean I won’t install it though as its better than all the ones that have gone before it so I’ll give you that. That and you seem to be understanding that the word Standard means something that everyone agrees on, not just you.

That still doesn’t stop me installing Firefox on all the Windows servers I manage however, no matter how much your “hardened” IE configuration doesn’t play with Mozilla’s GEOIP-based mirror system thingy. Yeah, I end up at the command line doing an mget from mirrorservice.org…


3 thoughts on “Aye-eee-ate

  1. Ahh, that’s better. The spam filter was blocking me. I meant to say that Firefox bug #457200 is for the download problem you describe, but nobody has confirmed it yet.

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