We can create…

I finally got around this weekend to looking at my Fedora packages. They have sat in the repositories like abandoned puppies, some of them were very sick indeed.

I feel pretty bad about the length of time these have taken to resolve but in fairness just being able to sit down and work on it has been a bit like a build process in itself. ie.

  1. Move house
  2. Order phone line
  3. Wait for BT to install and activate line
  4. Order broadband
  5. Wait for broadband box to arrive
  6. Get old PC from work
  7. Discover broadband signal isn’t live next to PC
  8. Discover onboard  wifi won’t connect on current card due to weird interference problem
  9. Buy and fit additional wifi card
  10. Finally get online and then process of remembering which password I used for FAS begins…

In the middle of all this I found an old intercity 125 sleeper carriage in original livery which I know my nephew would love. So here’s a pic.

Training to sleep

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