I’ve got the music on my radio…

Every month I buy Linux Format from whichever newsagent is closest. It usually has reviews of various pieces of software, not all of which is present in the repositories. This popular magazine not only has a good finger on the pulse of what is interesting in Linuxworld but ships all over the globe.

Are there any UK Fedora developers who would be interesting in teaming up with me to package interesting bits of software and get them into the repositories quickly so that readers can install them when they read about them?


7 thoughts on “I’ve got the music on my radio…

  1. Hey!

    This sounds like an awesome idea. If it goes ahead, we’d be happy to send you the list of apps featured in HotPicks and Roundup as soon as we know, which would give you a three-week lead time before the magazine goes on sale – drop me an email if you’re interested.

    Paul Hudson
    Editor, Limux Format

    1. Paul,

      That would be a big help. Lets see if I can get some more people on board and what exactly is required and I’ll be in touch if we get enough brains involved.


  2. Linux Format isn’t limited to the UK. Every month I have a coffee at the local bookstore while I flip through the latest LXF to see if it is worth buying. It usually is.

    1. Hi John,

      I know. It was short-sighted of me to only appeal to UK-based developers. It looks like we’ll be able to get a heads up on the bits of software being featured so would be good to get some of this packaged in time for overseas readers and maybe even people in the U.K.

    1. Thanks Cody – your help is definitely needed. Please make a start on the current crop as soon as you can! Most need review requests starting. Some need version bump requests filing, lots of stuff to get your teeth into!

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