Linux Format Packaging

If you’re interested in getting software reviewed in the latest issue of Linux Format into Fedora, the following is a good place to start:

There is some low hanging fruit and some pretty fun stuff for people who want to start easy. Random nonsense generator anyone?

Some thoughts…

  • Do we need to consider getting a temporary repository set up so LXF readers can access software quickly without having to ./configure/make/make install stuff? Fedorapeople space?
  • Can we do builds in Koji and set up temporary links for users to pull from?
  • Can we somehow fast-track the review process given the amount of people who will want to use the software after reading about it?
  • Who owns the packages afterwards and how can we avoid a review-then-ignore mentality?

5 thoughts on “Linux Format Packaging

    1. Well, there are 13 packages not currently in Fedora from the first review. I imagine some will not cut it in terms of licensing, patents etc so lets say 10 per month, rough guess.

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