Your love is like bad medicine…

Fedora features are coming together so its interesting to see what will make the cut…

Upstart 6 is in – its dBus-ified and will hopefully make for a more stable (though I’ve seen no issues) and faster bootstrap

boot.fpo – This has masses of potential. I guess some of this is cloud-oriented but the ability to remote boot would be a boon for sysadmins and embedded folks. I suppose I’m thinking of routers here – for example to solve remote exploit issues with solid state devices running old kernels.

Gnome 2.30 – Defaults to browser mode. Finally!

Python 3 – Feature only 70% complete at time of writing – a parallel installable stack to test apps against, quite important given the amount of stuff Fedora actually uses that is python-based. This looks to have been quite an effort to get working so its definitely nice to see it in if it makes it.

SystemRollback – using btrfs as the file system, Fedora would be able to roll back following an upgrade. Integrated with the beautiful Palimpsest, I would dearly love to see this feature implemented, though it is waiting on some kernel patches to go in upstream.

Zarafa – This is a drop-in replacement for Microsoft Exchange. I’m really excited about this and would love to give this a real test. The demo seems to actually do what it says on the tin. We should be implementing Zimbra at $DAYJOB shortly so would be good to evaluate this as an alternative.


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