I will give up these cigarettes…

I have procrastinated long enough. There are enough tickets in my queue at $DAYJOB from clients justifiably complaining about poor email service. Made the ruthless decision to migrate our old legacy mail server to Zimbra over the bank holiday weekend. This is because the old server was running out of space (its never good when you run a /bin/df and use comes back at 99%) and didn’t have all the nice stuff that Zimbra comes with such as spam filtering, ajax interface etc. Plus Zimbra is free of charge, which is definitely a plus.

Its going okay so far; I’ve made use of imapsync to move email across and its quite happy pulling most of the data across.

I noted that Zarafa will shortly become is now a part of Fedora and was tempted to go with this but went with Zimbra in the end purely for the reason that it has pedigree and a nicer admin interface.


2 thoughts on “I will give up these cigarettes…

  1. I ended up going with Zimbra, too. The clickety-click administrative interface makes it possible to train less technical workers to do all kinds of things.

    Also, I needed something where I could have read/write address book integration in the client, which Zindus provides quite nicely (Thunderbird plugin).

    I like the *IDEA* of Zarafa, but shared address books are a huge stopping point for me for a lot of great server solutions–because of the weaknesses of the client.

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