The Kingdom of Rust…

So I ran into a bit of trouble using imapsync for the email migration I’m doing at work. We have a user who has a rather massive (15GB+) mailbox – I’m becoming a big fan of quotas. Trying to sync this user to the new server is not fun – it keeps running out of swap and locking up completely. So here is what I did.

The server itself is CentOS 5.4 x64 – a guest on VMware Server. It has two procs and 1.5GB RAM assigned but was running out of swap space. Of course, its on lvm because I just accepted the defaults during install. I don’t want to mess about with resizing, truncating and whatnot so I discovered that adding a swap file is not so hard.

Now the imapsync has just finished as I write this after assigning an extra GB of swap space as a file rather than a partition. I haven’t done this before so would be interested in comments but it all adds up to just another reason why I love working with Linux systems. To be able to add swap on the fly and have the OS use it immediately – pretty awesome.

But then if I had been running kvm on 5.5 I probably wouldn’t have needed to do this, right? Right?


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