Tsclient cruftiness…

Tsclient is a GUI for rdesktop which allows users to connect to Windows machines. I used version 1 in older versions of Fedora but recent versions upgraded to the rather sucky version 2. The old interface was good – familiar to Windows users making the transition. The new interface – well, its not good. I am now co-maintaining it (thanks Søren!) and have a few options:

1. Patch the current version with the multitude of patches that are sitting in the queue – have applied for commit access to do this already

2. Downgrade to version 1 until 2.0 is more mature. Its interesting to note that Fedora pretty much stands alone in running version 2.

3. dead.package tsclient – upstream is pretty quiet with a few commits in March but nothing sparkling. Gnome-rdp provides and excellent alternative though some people may have issue with it being a mono-based application.

In slightly humorous news, I am running a Windows XP virtual (using Virtualbox) to debug some of the issues currently filed against it and got this output in my terminal.

Window manager warning: Received a _NET_WM_MOVERESIZE message for 0x5400167 (WInXP [Run); these messages lack timestamps and therefore suck.


2 thoughts on “Tsclient cruftiness…

  1. Wait. TSClient from the early Fedora days is the *same* package as the TSClient from the more recent days?

    I just assumed something horrible had happened and Fedora had thrown out the *good* one because it was in violation of some license, and had instead replaced it with a garbage placeholder until they could fix it. The first time I installed it I had to double check that “tsclient” was the right name. I thought I had mis-remembered the package name or something.

    You mean that they did that to its UI … on purpose?

    Maybe they’re developing … backwards!

    1. Yeah, I’m still trying to get to the bottom of it. Tsclient 1.x looks very much like the Windows version so maybe its something to do with that but IANAL.
      The UI is horrible – couldn’t agree more. There is no transition for the file types – not sure what happened really…

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