Packaging workflow

I think mine could use some help. I’d be interested to know what tools people use (and are going to be using with dist-git/fedpkg) to patch, build, test etc.

At the moment I have a pretty slap dash approach which is all done by command line, except for spec files for which I use emacs which has a nice plugin.

Does anyone have anyone have any revolutionary ideas to help me work better, faster and make updating packages easier?


4 thoughts on “Packaging workflow

  1. I use some zsh functions and some autocmd’s on spec files.

    augroup Spec
    ” Changelog entry
    autocmd FileType spec nmap o* :r!date +”\%a \%b \%d \%Y”kJA YOUR_NAME_HERE –
    ” Insert date
    autocmd FileType spec nmap :r!datekJ
    ” Build RPMs
    autocmd FileType spec nmap :!rpmbuild –define “_sourcedir .” -bs %
    autocmd FileType spec nmap :!rpmbuild -bs %
    ” Convenient diff
    autocmd FileType spec nmap :!diff -U5 -r
    augroup END

    I’m sure emacs can bind similarly. The zsh shortcuts are on lines 233–236 and lines 253–312 in:;a=blob;f=generic/home/zshrc

    These have helped me enormously and they’ll just need some tweaking for fedpkg.

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