Satellite 6 and Foreman re-provisioning

We are using Satellite 6 (Specifically 6.1.3) to implement an OSP 7 solution at work. I have used Foreman previously and realised how sensitive it can be. It works with lots of components like DHCP, DNS and Postgres but in the Red Hat Satellite product it pulls in even more like Candlepin and and Katello. For the full list see:

Anyway, we hit a particular bug where after deleting a node, Sat 6 wouldn’t re-provision a node with the same name. This was a problem as we are testing re-provisioning on a frequent basis so we started to run out of nodes on the cluster to test with.

I hunted in the usual places like dhcp lease files and bind configuration databases but there wasn’t any evidence there so it rapidly became obvious that some nasty database hackery would be required.

Sure enough, after filing a bug with Red Hat GSS, they came back and asked me to run the following from the foreman-rake console (whatever that is) :

Host.where("name LIKE ?", "%compute%").collect(&:name)

which outputted all the nodes with the name compute in the title. Sure enough, the deleted nodes were listed, despite the delete task having run successfully in foreman/Satellite. So the next instruction was to run:


which ran a bunch of stuff and cleared the DB of the legacy node data. The node then successfully re-provisioned. So because this doesn’t appear to be documented I’m listing this here so you can go and break your own cluster at will.


Update: Clarified that it doesn’t clear the entire DB…


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