Deleting multiple nova instances

We spawn large numbers of instances for testing and benchmark purposes. This happens a lot in HPC and as long as it isn’t orchestrated by heat, its fine to batch-delete these. But OpenStack CLI doesn’t appear to provide a way to do this intelligently and carefully. You could log into horizon but this takes a while (improvements coming in that area in Mitaka apparently) and the screen only loads a maximum of 25 or 50 or something.

You don’t want to use this lightly (run just the command and grep to confirm the match) but here it is more for my reference than anything else.

nova list –all-tenants | grep -i UNIQUE_COMMON_KEYWORD_HERE | awk ‘{print $2}’ | grep -v ^ID | grep -v ^$ | xargs -n1 nova delete

Then obviously replace UNIQUE_COMMON_KEYWORD_HERE with mytestinstance or testinstance or cbtest or so on.



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