OpenStack Release Notes with Reno

I’m currently trying to get a patch submitted to the Puppet Keystone project which implements the ability to turn “chase referrals” on or off for deployments that use Active Directory.

One comment came back from the initial patch:

please add release note

Ok. So of course this being OpenStack it turns out to be complicated. You need to use “Reno”, a tool that has been used since Liberty (I think) to document changes to OpenStack. The HUGE irony is that the documentation for OpenStack’s documentation tool is sparse and pretty hopeless. It recommends running:

tox -e venv — reno new slug-goes-here

which gives the error: ERROR: unknown environment ‘venv’

Of course. Thankfully some kind soul in the Manila documentation project has added the missing clue for the clueless:

If reno is not installed globally on your system, you can use it from venv of your manila’s tox. Run:

source .tox/py27/bin/activate

py27 needed replacing with “releasenotes” for some obscure reason in the puppet-keystone directory but then it worked and I could finally run:

reno new implement-chase-referrals

and the release note was created.