Standing up clouds

One thing that is interesting for me is the sheer number of ways of getting your OpenStack cloud to an end product and the way in that no one system has prevailed.

For working in development environments you have devstack and packstack. My favourite t-shirt slogan from Tokyo was “But it worked in devstack…”.

Moving to production you have Ansible, Salt, Puppet and now TripleO-based installers, each with their own offshoots. I am looking forward to working with RDO-Manager and Director more, although RDO Manager (Director’s upstream) seems to be highly fluid. I don’t even understand how it all fits together. What is a “DeLorean instance” for example?

Red Hat’s lineage is a case in point. They started out with Foreman/Staypuft/Astapor (which I’m currently in the process of helping to bring up to OSP 7 standards), then moved to Director. The recent purchase of Ansible means that it is not implausible to consider that future installers will be based on that tool. Ansible seemed to be the most commonly used tool at the summit but that is based purely on anecdotal evidence.

Then Ubuntu has MAAS and it’s “juju charms” – it is supposed to “Just Work” but during brief in-house trials it didn’t. Probably my fault.

It would be nice if development efforts could be consolidated a bit. I guess that will come with product maturity but it really does need to come sooner rather than later.


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